Why the Tree of Life?



Look what we found in our kitchen this morning.


  1. No way....too scary. :(

  2. EEEEEK!!!!

    That's far scarier than anything I saw on Halloween....

  3. Be sure to check your shoes before putting them on. We were infested at our old house. Chem Free Organic Pest Control was awesome. It took a long time to get rid of all of them. We went from seeing 5 a week in the house to one every few months. Urghhh...they are nasty and aggressive....
    Mike says I'm not allowed to post these creepy crawly things on the blog..he's afraid his mom, who is afraid of little house spiders, won't come to visit if she knows we have scorpions, tarantulas and giant centipedes. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a sci-fi horror movie....

  4. Ah, Texas! All hail the mighty state!

    Couple scary things we have discovered, watching this little scorpion in the container we caught it in:

    They play possum. We thought it was dead! It's not dead!

    It tries to attack. Really aggressive

  5. eeek! I stepped on one a few weeks ago - ouch!