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Sweetberry Farm

We went out to Sweetberry Farm in Marble Falls right before Halloween to get our Jacks. Evan missed out on the fun since he was still in Germany, but my parents were able to go along with us. It turned out to be much, much more than just a pumpkin patch. The farm was very crowded!

The boys painted a couple pumpkins, did the kid maze (as opposed to the acres-large Texas maze), and the hay ride, and Dunagan took a chance to ride a pony.

There were wild bees everywhere, and Ayla was stung twice, and Dunagan and I were each stung once--- my first sting ever. It hurt, but it wasn't as bad as I had always imagined. Bad, but not something I couldn't handle. And poor Dunagan, he had been so kind to the bees all day, waiting patiently while they took their sweet time sipping the strawberry popsicle drips off his hand. As we were leaving, he thought he had a mosquito on his cheek and slapped at it. It wasn't a mosquito.

Overall, it was a fun, exhausting day. Now that I know what to expect, we'll have to consider going again next year. It would definitely make a nice Halloween tradition.

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  1. Looks like great fun. Sorry about the agressive bees--they really get that way in the fall.