Why the Tree of Life?



Here is our work with number Three. Three is Harmony. Think of a musical cord. I chose to draw a father, mother and child.
Kirven drew Heaven, Earth and Man. The black circle at the top is Heaven, and the green ball is Earth. And Man has a top hat.
And Kirven's numeral writing, triangle and three dots. He didn't like his first '3.'
Our reading from Rascal highlighted when Sterling, his father and Rascal all go to Lake Koshkonong to hear the whip-poor-wills; a happy trio. The link between our number work and our chapter book has become a little tenuous. I'm not sure either of us are feeling much of a connection. This is where I think the fairy tales would shine. We forgot to do recall this morning, and Kirven was very distracted during our work. That's probably the missing link right there, because he did better on all the other mornings.
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  1. I really love what you are doing at home with numbers, stories and drawing! You are bringing the numbers to life. Great job!

  2. Jen, you are totally rocking your homeschool! I'm loving all the blog posts with pictures (I should try to post more pictures ~ I blog each weekday but I imagine it is kind of dry). It makes me miss grade 1!

  3. Beautiful job! I love your picture.