Why the Tree of Life?



Here's our work for the number Two. I drew Rascal and Poe-the-Crow, a pair of Sterling's pets (from Rascal) and also enemies. Rascal has a shiny penny in his mouth and Poe is about to steal it. In hindsight, I was too explicit about defining Two as 'pairs and opposites.' The discovery learning factor there was a little lacking (and in Three the next day as well). It is difficult when there isn't a class of kids to inspire each other.
Kirven drew a boy and a girl, a pair of trees, and dark and light (black & yellow circles). He seems to be enjoying choosing what he will draw. He doesn't want to draw what I'm drawing, which is new for him, and a nice step to see him take.
Kirven's numeral 2, plus two dots and parallel lines for the geometric form which expresses 'twoness.'
And mine...
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