Why the Tree of Life?



More doubling! Eight can be a pair of four spider legs, or from Rascal, in four pairs of racoon kit eyes. We brought out the counting stones again and played around with doubling more numbers. Our geometric form was a diamond overlapping a square-- two four-sided figures. If you connected the dots, you'd get an octagon. In number lore (which K and I didn't talk about), Eight is the number of new beginnings or regeneration because Seven is the number of completion.

Drawing an Eight is very challenging for a first grader. There's that midline to cross, and it is fascinating to watch the brain and hand working so hard to cooperate! K and I drew together over my figure 8 numerous times until K seemed to feel comfortable enough to attempt it in his own Good Book.

Here are my racoon kits discovered in their sandy burrow under a tree. I initially wrote "Eight is four pairs of eyes," but on second thought, I told Kirven I was crossing that out and putting "can be," because Eight can be the sum of other numbers as well.
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