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Homestead Heritage Craft Fair

We went to the annual fair at Homestead Heritage the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They have really grown! It's been at least seven or eight years since I was there last, probably more. I think Evan and I were fairly newlyweds at the time. Anyway, well worth the drive. Lots of interesting things to see and nice people to talk to. Bring your own coffee, though; it's a caffeine-free zone.

We had just finished reading Babe: The Gallant Pig by Dick King-Smith, so it was a great opportunity to get to see some sheepdogs in action--- or goatdogs, I should say, since it was goats they were rounding up. Kirven and Dunagan were super excited to recognize the calls "away to me" and "that'll do." It was like they felt they were in on a secret code. (By the way, the movie was terrible. We rented it the last weekend, and we were all really disappointed. I know it won a lot of academy awards and the special effects were amazing, but man, can't they leave a good story alone?)

Dunagan fell in love with the baby chicks in the chicken house. He held numerous ones as long as he politely could. He would have taken them all home if he could've.

And both boys chose to make a boat from the many crafts they offer, and those have been great fun in the tub (except for Aylazilla... that's not so fun).

We didn't stay too long. It's a convenient stop on our way back home from visiting family for Thanksgiving. We got there about lunch time, and headed out around four o'clock when Ayla began to give out on us. Gone are the days of napping in the stroller. She was asleep before we left the parking lot though, maybe before I even got my seatbelt clicked.

We hope to go again every year we can while the kids are still interested. Anyone's welcome to join us next year!
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  1. Thank you for sharing. Our family would have really enjoyed this.
    Warm wishes.

  2. We would love to join you guys next year...it sounds like a great time!
    I love how you're calling Ayla "Aylazilla"...I call my kids "****zilla" frequently too...

  3. We'd love to go with you guys!

  4. This looks like it was fun. I found you via a google blog search. I have been studying historical information about early formation of denominations among Believers and wondered if you could help me understand something a bit better about the Quaker's belief. Can you contact me?

    lisa422 {at} gmail dot com