Why the Tree of Life?



Seven is the Big Dipper (Kirven's above), and the rainbow (mine below). Some interesting number lore: Seven is a pivotal number in many traditions, the completion of a cycle leading toward realization or the divine. There are seven years in each cycle of human development (birth to seven years, seven to fourteen, fourteen to twenty-one, and on...) In mystical stories, there are often seven steps or seven gates through which one passes to reach the goal. In the Kabbalah, there are seven branches on the Tree of Life. Just interesting stuff. Kirven and I didn't talk about number lore, but we did look for the magic of seven in nature.

For the geometric figure, we combined the square with the triangle.

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  1. This is brilliant! I love all of your number posts. Seven was a tricky one for us. The Big Dipper is a great idea!