Why the Tree of Life?


Super Bridge

We inherited a boxful of old Brio train pieces from Evan's now-grown cousins. Unpacking some of the remaining things in the garage, we came across the box, and we brought it inside. We hadn't really had room for it at our other house, so the kids hadn't even know about it, but they can lay miles of rail now!

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Pulse Jet

Evan and the boys made a Pulse Jet. Here are the boys pointing to the Pulse Jet and acting silly.

Evan (and I, since I keep supplying) has a growing library of books which tell you how to set fire to your house and/or blow yourself up. The Pulse Jet came out of William Gurstelle's Whoosh, Boom, Splat.

Here is Evan lighting the Pulse Jet. I don't have a picture of me telling the kids to back up.

The Pulse Jet is now making a super cool pulsing-explosion noise. It sounded a lot like a motorcycle revving. Look at Dunagan's face! It was really cool. It was even cooler at night because you could see blue flames which weren't visible during the day. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the camera to take a picture of it, and the pulse jet doesn't last very long. We're ready for the next project, though!
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Christmas Day

Our first Christmas in our new house.

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Cone of Shame

Poor thing had a canine tooth pulled and growths removed from both eyes. But, lucky for her, the tooth fairy brought her a can of liver-flavored kong filling to take all her pain medicine with.

Big Brother

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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Happy Birthday to our Daddy! He's an old, old man. Much older than his lovely (three month) younger wife.

We had a fun birthday party. Evan's family and friends came over for beer and pizza and hot fudge sundae cake. Word to the wise, don't put birthday candles into something that came out of the oven only seconds earlier.
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Longest Night

We made new lanterns and went for a lantern walk on the Longest Night.

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Casting On

Kirven made knitting needles, and we've done the story cycle for introducing knitting. He's got casting on down pat, but I think knitting will take a bit longer for him to get the hang of.

Making the needles was suprisingly easy! It's just a 1/4" dowel rod cut in quarters, and then sharpened with a pencil sharpener! We sanded the points a little duller with fine sandpaper, but it didn't take much. And then we made decorative ends out of sculpey clay, baked those, and wood glued them onto the ends. I think I'll go into business making adorable knitting needles.

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Gingerbread House

The kids talked me into a gingerbread house kit while we were out shopping for other craft supplies, and we proceeded to attempt to build and decorate it without another adult present. Happily, everything turned out OK. Ayla only took two bites out of the roof while I was mixing the royal icing. She actually understood us when we told her the candies were not for eating, and that they were just for decorating. She did a lot of decorating along with the boys, which also surprised me. I expected much more chaos and tears, but we all had fun. She did have to sit on the table though. Required for toddler participation. She's getting older!

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