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Gingerbread House

The kids talked me into a gingerbread house kit while we were out shopping for other craft supplies, and we proceeded to attempt to build and decorate it without another adult present. Happily, everything turned out OK. Ayla only took two bites out of the roof while I was mixing the royal icing. She actually understood us when we told her the candies were not for eating, and that they were just for decorating. She did a lot of decorating along with the boys, which also surprised me. I expected much more chaos and tears, but we all had fun. She did have to sit on the table though. Required for toddler participation. She's getting older!

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  1. O what fun! We missed the chance to do it this year, but well I remember the gooey delight!

  2. I love the sitting on the table pose. That's where I want to be when gingerbread houses are around LOL!