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Pulse Jet

Evan and the boys made a Pulse Jet. Here are the boys pointing to the Pulse Jet and acting silly.

Evan (and I, since I keep supplying) has a growing library of books which tell you how to set fire to your house and/or blow yourself up. The Pulse Jet came out of William Gurstelle's Whoosh, Boom, Splat.

Here is Evan lighting the Pulse Jet. I don't have a picture of me telling the kids to back up.

The Pulse Jet is now making a super cool pulsing-explosion noise. It sounded a lot like a motorcycle revving. Look at Dunagan's face! It was really cool. It was even cooler at night because you could see blue flames which weren't visible during the day. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the camera to take a picture of it, and the pulse jet doesn't last very long. We're ready for the next project, though!
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