Why the Tree of Life?


Finger Crochet

Dunagan learned how to finger crochet. May I introduce you to Rat Snake? His favorite activity is hunting for rats up pant legs or down shirts.


So, my computer is still in need of tweaking (entirely for reasons of my own doing), but I've realized I haven't been blogging because I somehow wanted to catch up and post about all the things that have happened since my last real post.

Well... that's a little overwhelming. I've just got to start where we are. So, that's what I'm gonna do.

First, Ayla posed for Mariza Brussolo's photography class a couple of weekends ago, and I just have to post a couple of those photos. Mariza is a friend and fellow homeschooler and an amazingly talented photographer!

This past week has been busy. Not much official learning has been going on because we have been outside a lot playing hooky. It is too beautiful to stay inside. Any lessons we have done, we've done outside. We went on a hike to Turkey Creek on Monday, and it was just gorgeous. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous blue sky. This is when I don't want to live anywhere but Austin. Beautiful days and bluebonnets coming in. Which reminds me that I need to check behind our house and see if the seeds we threw out there have sprouted up.

Thursday, Kirven and I went to a nature awareness class at a park in south Austin while Dunagan and Ayla had a fun day with Grammy and Grandpa. We spent the morning making a bow drill and trying to make fire, and then in the afternoon, we played throwing stick games, and blindfold games, built a shelter in the woods, and then went back to trying to make fire. With a lot of help from one of the instructors, fire came out of Kirven's and my bow drill! Kirven and I have challenged Daddy and Dunagan: Who will be the first to genuinely start a fire all on their own? My bet is on Mommy.

And yesterday, the kids went to the Star of Texas Rodeo with Mamma and Aunt Hillary. I went for part of the time while they were doing the carnival and then met up with Evan for a date night, while they stayed for the actual Rodeo (bull riding, bronco busting and all). I never knew how much went on on the side at the rodeo! The kids can't wait to go back and are insisting that Evan and I should go, too. Evan and I both realized that it is shameful that we're both native Texans and have never been to a rodeo. Dunagan told me his favorite event was the barrel racing.

And yesterday was my birthday. That would be 34 and not 43. Let's get our candles straight, please. It's been a good one this year. My favorite part was being woken up with kisses and cards and 'Happy Birthday, Mommy!'

Evan left for Germany this afternoon, and a north wind blew in. It was 40 degrees again today, which just ain't right.


We're still here

I futz'd up my computer... I did something Evan told me (repeatedly) not to... After kissing his toes many times, he has gotten me back to mostly functional. Hopefully, I'll be back to blogging sometime in the near future!