Why the Tree of Life?



So, my computer is still in need of tweaking (entirely for reasons of my own doing), but I've realized I haven't been blogging because I somehow wanted to catch up and post about all the things that have happened since my last real post.

Well... that's a little overwhelming. I've just got to start where we are. So, that's what I'm gonna do.

First, Ayla posed for Mariza Brussolo's photography class a couple of weekends ago, and I just have to post a couple of those photos. Mariza is a friend and fellow homeschooler and an amazingly talented photographer!

This past week has been busy. Not much official learning has been going on because we have been outside a lot playing hooky. It is too beautiful to stay inside. Any lessons we have done, we've done outside. We went on a hike to Turkey Creek on Monday, and it was just gorgeous. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous blue sky. This is when I don't want to live anywhere but Austin. Beautiful days and bluebonnets coming in. Which reminds me that I need to check behind our house and see if the seeds we threw out there have sprouted up.

Thursday, Kirven and I went to a nature awareness class at a park in south Austin while Dunagan and Ayla had a fun day with Grammy and Grandpa. We spent the morning making a bow drill and trying to make fire, and then in the afternoon, we played throwing stick games, and blindfold games, built a shelter in the woods, and then went back to trying to make fire. With a lot of help from one of the instructors, fire came out of Kirven's and my bow drill! Kirven and I have challenged Daddy and Dunagan: Who will be the first to genuinely start a fire all on their own? My bet is on Mommy.

And yesterday, the kids went to the Star of Texas Rodeo with Mamma and Aunt Hillary. I went for part of the time while they were doing the carnival and then met up with Evan for a date night, while they stayed for the actual Rodeo (bull riding, bronco busting and all). I never knew how much went on on the side at the rodeo! The kids can't wait to go back and are insisting that Evan and I should go, too. Evan and I both realized that it is shameful that we're both native Texans and have never been to a rodeo. Dunagan told me his favorite event was the barrel racing.

And yesterday was my birthday. That would be 34 and not 43. Let's get our candles straight, please. It's been a good one this year. My favorite part was being woken up with kisses and cards and 'Happy Birthday, Mommy!'

Evan left for Germany this afternoon, and a north wind blew in. It was 40 degrees again today, which just ain't right.


  1. That second photo of Ayla is AMAZING!!!

    Happy Bday - glad you're back up - I missed your posts - you help me stay motivated ;)

  2. Hey, welcome back! Been missing you.

    Amazing photos -- the second one is my favorite too!

    The rodeo is on the to-do list; it's been since Before Kids!

  3. That is one gorgeous little girl!

    Happy Birthday, Jennifer!!! SOOOO glad to read a post from you! :)