Why the Tree of Life?


Happy Birthday, Ayla!!!

Ayla turned 2 yesterday. We were going to have a small family party, but she was sick with a fever. Extended family ended up staying away, but we had a nice quiet day anyway. Ayla opened her presents, and we still had hot dogs and ice cream sundaes for a birthday dinner.

Ayla is better today, but still has a low fever. Maybe this will be the last of it all, and we'll get a break from illness. We're keeping our fingers crossed that Ayla doesn't develop an ear infection.


Bare Minimum

Playing hooky is so fun. We're doing the bare minimum around here. The temperature outside today was in the low 70's, and summer is just around the corner. We can't waste a single moment outside, because all too soon, it will be hotter than blue blazes out there.

The bare minimum means that we wake up, we eat breakfast and we head outside. The kids play in the sun, I read a book (currently reading Coyote's Guide) and watch the birds, and they break out the hose and create a mud puddle. Today, they were making "beaver dams." The bare minimum also means that I strive to make sure that Kirven reads a Bob Book, and if we have time, we read a chapter out of Ginger Pye, our current read-aloud.

We've also been sick for the last week (today was our first everybody-well day), which put a serious crimp in our outdoor time. We could only look longingly out the window, and sadly tell the neighborhood friends, that, no, we couldn't come out to play today.

But we were back today.

But the bare minimum can also be wearing. Everybody gets a little fussier with each passing day devoid of any routine except meals and nap. Every day, I think, tomorrow we need to get back to work... but who can work when it is 70 degrees outside? I mean, really? Because it is going to be really, really hot not too long from now...

But, I already have our plan for the summer. From what I understand, the neighborhood kids don't really come out to play until 6 or 7pm during their summer break. That will work well for us. We will spend the morning playing or running errands while it's cool, and then during nap, Kirven and I will work on new lesson work. During the afternoon while Ayla is awake and it is too hot to play outside, we will work on practice work, recorder, read-alouds and projects and whatnot. We'll pick up toys about 5pm, have an earlier dinner at 5:30, and then I can release them to the neighborhood. Yes, that will work splendidly.

So, I have a plan, a very nice plan, and I think that fact alone gives us license to play a little while longer. Because it is idiotic in Texas to work on school during April, and take a break during July.