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Ranch and Wedding

To some of my pacifist friends and online acquaintances, I need to warn you about the pictures below. As much as I have have pleaded with my husband to please consider the plight of the endangered skeet, he has insisted that skeet-hunting is an important part of our children's heritage, good Texans that we are. Our children will not grow up believing that skeets only come prepackaged in stores. (Please consider joining Save the Skeets). (Yes, we're Quaker, and yes, we own firearms. For an interesting blog post from a Friend who also owns guns, go here.)

We were at a family wedding this past weekend in Waco where the family ranch is. The wedding was actually at the ranch across the street. It was BEEE U TEEE FUL out there. Wow! Green with wildflowers everywhere. I told Evan, you know, in all these years, I've only ever been out here when it was blazing hot or really cold. Never green. Bluebonnets, winecups, indian blankets and paintbrushes... man, you name it. Flowers I haven't even seen before!

Needless to say, the wedding itself was beautiful, perched on a hill with the wildflowers all around and the sun setting. We had a great time, and our family were the ones on the dance floor all night until they told us to go home!

We had a fair amount of time in the days surrounding the wedding to do some shooting and exploring. We even found a great horned owl nest in one of the deer blinds! Owls are not neat and clean nesters, let me tell you. Anyone want an owl pellet? It was disgusting and fascinating, like a little lions' lair complete with skeletons strewn about the floor.

We also got to have a lot of great cousin time! And we're hoping to go visit said cousins sometime soon!
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  1. Looks and sounds idyllic! Don't worry about the firearms; God and I still love you. ;-)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time..especially all that nature exploring.
    As for the guns, I grew up with a father who hunted a bit and also was known to shoot ground hogs out the diningroom window. Yes, I am used to firearms...lol.

  3. Looks like a grand time was had by all. Thanks for sharing.