Why the Tree of Life?



Things have been quiet around here. Kirven has been gone for a week at camp. He comes home this Friday. Dunagan also spent the last week away with Grammy and Gramps. He came home yesterday afternoon.

I had forgotten how quiet it is with one. It was very nice to have Ayla alone, and it is nice now to have Dunagan as the oldest and just the two of them.

We spent the morning with friends at Bull Creek for our weekly hike. Dunagan and Ayla both waded through the stream, catching anything they could. They even found fish eggs. We want to take Daddy and Kirven back and go swimming at the waterfall. We came home with pruney feet and ready for naps.

Speaking of... time to go wake them both up!


  1. Very good, Jennifer. I will never outgrow putting my feet in a creek. :)