Why the Tree of Life?



We have a lot of deer in our neighborhood. Recently, the does were having their fawns, and this little one was right behind our back gate. We knew it was there because our dog Geena went crazy, and the mother doe was standing guard. Later, while the mother was away, I quietly ventured out the gate to see if I could find the fawn. I nearly stepped on it! It was amazing. I knew where it was, generally speaking, but I really had to be within a foot of it or less to actually see it. It shows up better in the photograph than it did in real life!
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  1. We have these gentle creatures all over our yard (rural area) but the fawn are the sweetest. Often a mother will leave her fawn in our tree line going up the drive or under a playset. She must sense that it is safe here and she is right as all around us people are hunting them. Eventually the mommas return. :)