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Blanton Museum

We went to Blanton Museum this Thursday. The boys didn't have gymnastics, and the museum is free that day, so it was a nice opportunity. I had heard there was a contemporary exhibit in the lounge that have interactive parts that kids could play with. It turned out to be themed around educational philosphies of the past and present culminating in the theory that the abstract can only come from initial contact with the concrete. Anyway, as part of the exhibit, there were a lot of manipulatives available for children to interact with. Dunagan made a windmill with a house and river running down to it. They enjoyed the exhibit, and I hope they keep it for a while.

On the shelves circling the lounge, the artist had books from many educational philosopher of the last 150 years: Dewey, Piaget, Pestalozzi, Holt, Montessori... even Tolstoy. So many different theories. So many 'right' ways to teach children. It was good for me to see right now. So many individual educators with a professional lifetime of experience and success, and all different. Some, I'm sure, are standing on the shoulders of others, but plenty are in direct opposition to each other. So, I can't go wrong if I just pay attention to my kids.
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  1. So true. We get so caught up in what is the "right way" to teach our kids and forget that most of all they need us to be present with them, to see them and celebrate them as they learn and grow. And it is clear that you have that part covered!