Why the Tree of Life?



Above is what I want to make. Aren't they lovely? Our Little Nature Nest always has lovely ideas. Go to her website for details about her flash cards.

Here's what I just bought off amazon instead. Sigh. Part of me thinks it makes a difference that the flash cards are beautifully watercolored to match the characters in the Four Processes stories. The practical and exhausted part of me doesn't think it makes enough difference to make the effort worthwhile.

Addition 0 to 12 (Brighter Child Flash Cards)


  1. I admire that practical part of you. Teacher health. So much more important than a watercoloured flashcard. (they are pretty though!)

  2. Making them is part of the learning process. If the child creates them, they are happier to use them, and writing the cards reinforces the memorization. It is not purely for aesthetics. The creating is a critcal part. Best wishes to you. I understand the tired mama part for sure.

  3. @ taimarie: I keep thinking, someday in the future, when I have copious amounts of time, I'm going to mass produce all those Enki manipulatives and start a small business! Wouldn't that be a dream!

    @ naturenest: it's nice to hear from you! I actually need them just for a math facts 'baseball game' with my first (very soon to be second) grader for some of the body/movement work. We're not quite to the output stage where he would be making his own yet. That said, we're a bit craft challenged these days with a toddler in the house. Things aren't made; they are destroyed. lol But it won't always be that way; hopefully, not by 4th grade!

  4. We actually made those! The kids were enthused for about half of the project -- we didn't get all the times tables done because I didn't want to turn it into a big chore. We used them for a little while, although I will say that the Nature Nest ones look prettier!

    No guilt allowed. We all do our best. :-)

  5. Could you allow some coloring of the "professional" cards, maybe even putting some "color coding" together with the number recognition? If the cards have some "slick" surface, write board markers can be erased.

    But again your time and energy is a major consideration.

  6. @ Tom: Nice to to hear from you! They are slick surfaced, but I hadn't thought along those lines. Thanks for giving me an option to consider.