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Innerspace Cavern

We went to Innerspace Cavern in Georgetown today. There are 6 miles of cave and we were about 100 feet down. It is always about 76 degrees down there, and the water is always 74. With the recent flooding, all the pools and "lakes" were full, and water was dripping from all the stalagtites and trickling over the flow rocks. There were teeny, tiny bats, too, flying around and putting on quite a show. Ayla said we should have brought our net to catch one, and Dunagan and I thought it would be very comfortable hanging upside down in our herpetarium.

Ayla refused to wear her shoes nearly the moment we entered the cave, and she and I were quite covered in cave mud by the time we emerged. At least she left her dress and diaper on. That would have really shocked the uninitiated.
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