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Quill & Wrap-up

Kirven has been wanting to make a quill pen for a long time, and he recently came home from the ranch with a turkey feather. Not knowing the finer points of quill making or whattheheck we would use for ink, I put Kirven off as long as I could, until he reached the mama-when-are-we mama-when-are-we phase, and I said, ok, let's do this thing.

I just snipped the very tippity-tip off at a 45 degree angle with a pair of scissors, and then decided that blue food coloring, undiluted, might do the trick. Worked beautifully, and everyone has had a go at it. Kirven has declared that it would be more fun, nay, easier to learn to right with a quill and ink.

We also just got some math wrap-ups. I used these when I was little, and I remembered them being fun. They have been a big hit, which is gratifying. They also work great as keys to your Blackbird spy plane or big, twin-engine boat.
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  1. I went to a talk by a Scribe (medieval historian who does reenactment talks dressed as a scribe with full working knowledge of how to make inks, pens etc) about a month or so back.

    It was very interesting. He talked about how quill pens would only last so many pages and would need frequent recutting. There was a particular shape to cutting the nib that allowed the ink to pool and then run. The quill pens were for important books, and took a lot of preparation time, but for ordinary writing (which at the time was still quite special) a reed pen was used as they were more hardy.

  2. Interesting stuff! Thanks for commenting!