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Race to Nowhere

There's new documentary coming out: Race to Nowhere
I found out about it through this interesting blog post: Too Busy to Notice

High school was high pressure when I attended from '90-'94, and it has only gotten more extreme, from what I can tell. Our (including my husband's there) experience was a major factor in deciding to homeschool. Considering that so many of my contemporaries are choosing to homeschool for many of the same reasons, enough that it is a topic of public controversy rather than just a weird fringe thing unworthy of notice, I wonder if society is getting closer to a widespread crisis that will bring about effective change? Things will probably have to get much worse before they get better, and honestly, that sort of sea change will be years in the making. It certainly won't be in time for my kids. Because, really, it's not the teachers, it's not the parents, it's not the gobs of money we throw at the problem; it's the heartless, inhuman system. It's the factory model. It's going to take a lot to reverse the momentum of a 100 years of pedagogical and business decisions that have gotten us where we are today. But it needs to be done. The voices are getting louder at least. Now, how to put that in a soundbite for a politician....


  1. I definitely want to see it? Will it be released in the theater or on TV, do you know? Maybe we could make a date, you and I. It's been too long since I've seen you ...

  2. AMEN !! I hope to see the change ... someday ... maybe for the grandchildren or great grandchildren ?? In the mean while, I will continue to homeschool our Cherubs ... hoping for change for the masses .... while making our little corner of the world a bit "different" from the rest. I am not raising factory workers on an assembly line ... I am working hard to raise thinkers, movers, and shakers.