Why the Tree of Life?



The boys started a Tinkering class with Austin Tinkering School this week. Kami has a real gift with the kids, and is very creative and knowledgeable.

They had two tables full of dead electronics from which to work, and they even had a couple of old dishwashers to dismantle and explore. Towards the end, some of the kids were taking motors they had found and were attaching batteries and other parts like fans and disc drives to them and making them go.

This class will last for another five weeks or so, and then we're hoping to join Kami's Artisan Field Trip class where we will get to see a guitar maker, a welder, a cement caster among others at work.

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  1. Wow, cool class, wish someone around here would offer something like that, my kids would love it!

  2. Cool! My kids have recently done a couple one-day classes with her, too. Fun stuff. I can't tell from the pics if your boys' class is in Kami's yard, but wow, that place is something else -- Ian hardly did anything in the class b/c he was so busy swinging on ropes and zipping around!