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Wood Sorrel

My Monday hiking buddy and I are loving our new activity that we have set for ourselves. We identified and tasted wood sorrel this week. I've always called it clover, but clover it is not! Clover does not have heart-shaped leaves, which this plant, wood sorrel, does. It had a sour, lemony taste; reminiscent of french sorrel, and nothing bitter at all. Kirven wants me to mention that the root tastes the same, too. It has lots of vitamin C, but should not be over-eaten because it can inhibit calcium absorption. In fact, all the kids loved it and Ayla was gobbling it up as fast as Kirven could pick it for her.

When we set out for our hike, the kids do a lot of random exploring, and my mom friend and I flip through my guides and see what we can see. When we settle on something, we send the kids off on a hunt for it. Being ignorant as we are, we're sticking strictly to the obvious and easy, which have been prickly pear, Turk's cap, and now wood sorrel. We are also repeating, mainly for Ayla's sake: "don't eat anything that Mommy doesn't give you first."
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  1. I need a hiking buddy -- maybe my kids would be more willing to hike! :-)