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Stalking Wolf

We're currently in the middle of our Apache cultural block, studying the sage Stalking Wolf. We read a bunch of Coyote trickster tales before the holidays, and we started the chapters about Stalking Wolf this week. Kirven did his first picture and summary from the story today. He chose to draw Little One stalking the wolf and touching it (his is below plus his summary, mine above).

We missed the annual Pow-Wow, which is in November, but we're going to make fry bread, and I found a mocassin kit in Kirven's size. Tonight, we played Ine Ichi Chaio, which is a stone passing game (and a lot of giggling fun), and Dunagan *loved* it. He wants to "play it everyday." And he wants to go stalk something--- preferably a wolf. I should have gotten *him* a mocassin kit.
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