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Ayla's Train

Ayla is getting close to turning three, and that fact is really starting to show in her play.  She can play by herself, and keeps up a constant monologue with her imaginary friends.  This morning, she pulled out the train while the boys were playing star wars, and she built a long track all by herself.

It is fun for me to see her feeding her babies, playing house, or having a tea party.  Girl play is so different from boy play.  There is such a different feel to it, even if the toys and props are neutral.  We can argue nature vs. nurture, but I have yet to see Ayla tackle one of the boys just because he is passing by, whereas with the boys, it's  hard for them to pass by without some sort of full contact greeting.  It's kind of like asking a mountain climber why he climbs--- because it's there.  That's the energy that is present in the boys' play and absent in Ayla's.  She's much quieter.

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  1. haha - I hear from my 3 year old many times every day "i just love Baby B so much it makes me want to wrestle him to the ground." you're right, they can't stop the urge!