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Fry Bread

We're nearing the end of our Apache block, but we made Fry Bread a couple of weeks ago. We used 5 cups of lard to fry those babies. But, oh, we're they worth it. Our whole house smelled like a donut shop for days.

A little powdered sugar, a little honey... think sopapilla, except solid.

Hmm... I think Kirven must have dusted that one. Here's the recipe I used (watch out, it uses way too much water!): Apache Fry Bread
The recipe makes a lot---more than any one gut can take! Be prepared to send the kids out to all the neighbors to pawn them off.
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  1. Cool, thanks for the link, we'll have to do this when we do Stalking Wolf -- although there's no way I'm using 5 lbs of lard for anything! Will have to find a way around that....many we can make a mini-batch and fry them in crisco....

  2. No, no! You have to use lard! LOL Think of it this way: you never use lard. So, what the heck? It makes the same mess as Crisco anyway. This was Kirven's favorite activity, by the way.