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Ranch Cave

So, apparently, there is a cave at the ranch. The ranch I have always known did not include a cool cave. Or a picturesque waterfall.

In Evan's defense, there has never been an easy way to get down to the cave, and a staircase has recently been built to give access.

On our last visit a couple weeks ago, we ventured down there to check it out. The dust under the over hang was the most interesting part. I wish I had gotten a picture of the kids. The dust was so fine and so white and so thick that after they had been walking and sinking and rolling around in it, and I do mean rolling, they looked like they had been in a flour fight. Here's to hoping that that dust was a million years worth of pulverized limestone and not a million years of pulverized bat guano.

But the double cool thing was that you could see all sorts of animal tracks in the dust---whole trails of them. We saw what we guessed were mice, raccoon, possum, and heron and some-sort-of-animal. We saw a lot of some-sort-of-animal.

We're headed back this weekend, and the weather is supposed to be beautiful.

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