Why the Tree of Life?


Sick Lion

We started a new block today.  We will be reading about St. Francis in the coming weeks, and doing medieval Italian cultural activities.  Our first trickster tale this morning was about an old, sick lion who can't hunt any more.  He sends a messengar out to invite all the animals to his bedside where he can impart his secrets and wisdom to them--- but he gobbles them up instead.  Only fox is clever enough to foil his plan.  When he sees all the tracks going into the cave, but none coming back out, he politely declines lion's invitation until his cave is less crowded.


  1. What a great time I just had stopping by your blog and getting caught up. I love all your photos and see how much the kids are growing up. I can't believe Ayla! What a little lady now. Good to see you are taking hikes and doing such good things this time of year. I hope that means all are well.
    Blessings and Peace to you.
    Jan Lyn

  2. Thanks, Jan! It's nice to hear from you. :)