Why the Tree of Life?


March 2nd

It's Texas Independence Day! For my out-of-state friends, this is the birthday of the Republic of Texas. We used to be our own country, don't you know? Most people don't know that, and we even had dreams of becoming an empire (just ask former vice president Lamar)... until we joined the Union. Not sure why we did join the Union, other than assuming that that empire thing didn't work out. It's all kind of fuzzy. And we haven't gotten to Texas State history yet. That's 4th grade. I'll let you know when I find out.

But! "You're Texans first, no matter what." That's what I tell my kids. We could secede if we want to. Really. There was a clause or something. It's just nice to know that we could. If we wanted to.

And our capital building dome is taller than the federal capital building dome. So there.

Where's our Texas flag... gotta go hang it up... why aren't there fireworks today? Shouldn't it be the most important day of the year in Austin, Texas? That should at least warrant fireworks... day off from work...

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