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Mutton Bustin'

Dunagan did it! He mutton busted at the Star of Texas Rodeo this evening! He was very excited.

All the riders were escorted by the Rodeo Queens. Here he is lining up in the arena.

Evan was able to get a little bit of a video of Dunagan's ride. I don't think it is going to load more than the initial frame. He didn't hold on the longest, but he held on longer than most!

He and Evan had front row seats next to the bull pens and was right there to watch the bullriders come out spinning. He told me that, someday, I'm going to go to the rodeo and then be surprised that he is riding a bull! Lord, help me.

All in all, we had a wonderful time today. Grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, significant others and friends all came out to see Dunagan ride. The boys and I rode lots of carnival rides (Evan and Ayla declined), we all ate way too much carnival food, cheered on the pig races and caught a really great La Charreria show. The Charro was a truly amazing horseman and trick roper. Don't miss him if you go! It was fun to watch the rodeo itself. I had never been. I know, amazing.... I've been a Texan how long? And now I have a mutton buster? who wants to be a bull rider? Thank goodness we don't actually live at the ranch.

All the kids were exhausted when we got home. Dunagan threatened to go to sleep on the stairs if I didn't drag him up. I told him he was my calf and I had just roped him and now I was dragging him up the stairs with my horse and into the bathroom to brand, I mean, brush his teeth. He liked that. Once he was in bed, he was literally asleep before I could turn out his bedroom light. Kirven and Ayla weren't far behind him.

Maybe I got the video to load. Fingers crossed:
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  1. LOL!!! I have SO MUCH to say about this post, I don't even know where to start!!

    My very favorite part of that video is Evan (I assume?) whooping it up while he was filming it. The only thing I would have liked more is a picture of YOUR face as you watched your baby out there bustin'....

    I'm gonna be chuckling for the next three weeks....

    I'm not sure which thing has me happier that I don't live in Texas -- the size of your spiders, the bat guano, or this.... ;D

    But man, you just can't complain about something that puts THAT big of smile on your kid's face, can you?!

  2. If you can believe it, I was shouting louder than Evan. And it was totally nerve-wracking. I knew it was safe for him, but I had such sympathetic butterflies in my stomach for him! A huge, full arena and doing something he had never even seen before and had no idea what to expect!

    I'm so proud of him for going through with it, something I am sure was a bit scary, and doing so well.

    You need to come visit Austin! Come some April, and we'll show you all there is to love about Texas! :)