Why the Tree of Life?


The Old Woman and the Doctor

Once there was an old woman who had lost her eyesight. A rascally doctor promised to cure her if she agreed to pay him well with silver and gold.  This she promised to do.  While he pretended to treat her, he carried away all of her possessions piece by piece.  When she began to grow impatient, he went about curing her in interest.  When her eyesight returned, she saw that he had stolen everything of value and put off paying him in silver and gold.  He brought his case before the judge, and while she confirmed that she had promised to pay him if she was cured, she said she couldn't have been cured because before she was blind, she could see all her possessions.  Now, she can't see her possessions so she couldn't have been cured.  And so, she outsmarted the doctor.

If you'll notice, Kirven used gold and silver glitter in his drawing.

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