Why the Tree of Life?


Tricky b & d

Little b and little d can still be confusing around these parts, so I made these glitter letters today.  I'm hoping they'll work like sandpaper letters without damaging my scissors.  When they're dry, I'm going to draw a bed out of the word 'bed' and then we'll play around with switching the letters.  Bed likes to be laid on, but deb does not!  We'll see how it works.


  1. does enki teach letters and sounds at about the same time a waldorf-approach would? i've been wondering if there is any difference.
    love the bed idea, that's a great visual!

  2. Hi! It's nice to hear from you!

    Yes, Enki starts letters and sounds in first grade like Waldorf. Beth was a Waldorf teacher for quite a few years, so there is a lot that is inspired by Waldorf and Steiner in Enki, but its roots are non-sectarian, rather than anthroposophical. Would be glad to chat more with you about the differences if you are ever interested. You can email me: jennifer dot marchman at gmail dot com

  3. Did you do more with this? Have any more pictures? I can't quite picture how it would work with the bed drawing, but I'm very curious because both of my girls (6 and almost 8) still mix these two letters up constantly. I've heard the "bed" analogy, and tried to explain that to them, but I think something more concrete might work better.