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Medieval Read-Alouds & Music

I was a little more organized with our St. Francis block. I thought I would share some of the other things we mixed in.

Along with the Enki trickster and sage stories, and reading European folk and fairy tales for Dunagan, we read:

The Making of a Knight: How Sir James Earned His Armor

The Making of a Knight by Patrick O'Brien was a particular favorite picture book of Dunagan's, and we read it several times.

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Castle Diary: The Journal of Tobias Burgess by Richard Platt was a particular favorite of mine. The kids enjoyed reading it as well. It is not a chapter book, but it is a very long, illustrated journal of Toby's first year as a page in his uncle's castle, and it took us several days to read through it all. The illustrations are very detailed, fun and informative. Highly recommended read. I hate to give it back to the library.

The Door in the Wall (Books for Young Readers)

The Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli was our main chapter book. I must confess, I found it a slow read, and it was not my favorite. The boys, however, really enjoyed it and would beg for another chapter. I found the language difficult to read aloud, and wonder if it would perhaps be a better silent read for an older child.

For some period music, we used:

Shining Light--Music from the Aquitanian Monasteries

Shining Light: Music from Aquitanian Monasteries


Nova Stella: A Medieval Italian Christmas

Nova Stella: A Medieval Italian Christmas

One cd would have sufficed, and I think I would pick Nova Stella over Shining Light. It was a little more upbeat.

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