Why the Tree of Life?


First Day

The boys are back from NASA.  They had a great time in spite of the mission being scrubbed and saw everything space related to their heart's content (and to the point my eyes would have been glazing over).  Ayla and I had a VERY nice time here at home, but oh how we missed our guys and are glad they are home safe and sound.

This morning, we started our summer term, and today is Dunagan's first day of First Grade!  He receive his own roll of crayons and a blank Good Book.  I led him in drawing darkness all around the outside.  As we colored yellow in the center, I talked about how long ago, some one figured out fire and clothing and shelter and alphabets and reading and machines and rockets to the moon.  And it was a little less dark each time.  Now he was also old enough to join people in learning and discovering new things.

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