Why the Tree of Life?


Splash Party

We're at a birthday party for a good friend today.  Lots of water fun in the backyard.


And next up... Shark!

Well, we busted the one balloon we had for the hovercraft right out of the chute. So, we're off to Joann's tomorrow or Friday to hunt down balloons and buy other various craft supplies we really shouldn't buy.

Dunagan's next project pick is to sew a great white shark, of his own design, out of blue and white felt. When he first started dreaming this thing up, he was holding his hands about six inches apart. Tonight over dinner, he was telling Daddy all about it, and when it came time to illustrate size, he held up one hand and said, "From here..." and then got up and walked a few feet away and said, "to here." He also wants to make infinite rows of little white teeth (all out of felt) because "you know, sharks just have rows and rows and rows of teeth!" Daddy commented that this sounded like a big project. "Oh yes, this is going to take me a LONG time."

Hovercraft Additions



Dunagan is making a hovercraft from on old records.  (The Four Lads for those curious.)

Time for the maiden voyage.