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The Case of the Missing Part of Speech

The Case of the Missing Parts of Speech Director's Score w/Reprod. Parts

One last cool find for the night. I did this play, The Case of the Missing Part of Speech, in 5th grade (I think), and I had those catchy grammar songs stuck in my head for years and relied on them for successful answering on grammar tests for as long as I had to take grammar tests. I have been looking for a CD of the songs for awhile now, and I happened to do another search this week and found it!


  1. Isn't is awesome to find things nostalgic things like that still around?! Yay!

  2. May I ask: Where did you find the CD with the songs? And: is it just the instrumental or other children singing the songs?
    I need to buy the CD only, since I have the booklet. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lorena, I don't remember where I found it specifically. I just did a Google search with the title and CD and there are several sources available. Good luck, hope you find it!

    2. Oh, and it is children singing