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Good Times Travel Agency

I've just discovered a really great series of historical picture books by Linda Bailey. The one pictured below is Adventure in the Middle Ages (Good Times Travel Agency), and each one in the series is similarly titled.

Adventures in the Middle Ages (Good Times Travel Agency)
The boys are just eating them up. Each story begins with the Binkerton twins, Josh and Emma, and their little sister Libby accidentally being drawn into the Good Times Travel Agency. It's not your normal travel agency, and if you pick up any one of the magical travel guides, it whisks you away to another time period. The storylines and historical details have been fantastic. So far, we have read the ones on the Middle Ages, Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. There are several more in the series. We have also been reading the Ms. Frizzle Adventures books, which are similar to Bailey's books and star Ms. Frizzle from the excellent Magic School Bus science book series. While those are good, too, I think the Good Times Agency books are much better.

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  1. My kids, especially my oldest boy (7 years) really enjoyed this too. I think we'll return to them also, as some of the history is quite in depth, isn't it. I haven't tried the Magic School Bus yet.