Why the Tree of Life?


More La Junta Pictures

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Father Son Weekend @ Camp La Junta

Playing GaGa Ball
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Password Update

I have decided to move our blog to WordPress since they allow passwords.  It won't happen immediately, but soon, I hope.


Drinking Fountain Project


No more coming inside for drinks of water on hot afternoons!  Neighborhood kids welcome!
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We took a trip on the new Metro train last Thursday with some friends.
The stations and train were all really nice and clean.

Ayla wore her flowergirl dress, including fancy shoes and three pigtails.

We ate lunch at Taco Shack downtown, and then ambled our way to the Capital grounds.

It happened to be the day they were dedicating the new Tejano monument.

All the kids rolled down the hill several times, including Ayla in her beautiful white dress and fancy shoes and three pigtails.

Our beautiful capital building.
 We stopped by the Hideout for ice cream on our way back to the station, and then the kids played Simon Says and Tag until it was time to board.
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