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Hillary's Wedding

My youngest sister Hillary got married on January 15th.  She's in the middle, with my younger sister, Bettye, on the left, and me on the right.

Rehearsal dinner...
Silly Bettye...

About to head to the church... Ayla was a flowergirl and I was a bridesmaid... bridesmatron?

Ayla's awesome hair

The kids had the camera at the rehearsal, and we don't seem to have any pictures of the actual ceremony, but this was a cute one of Ayla dancing at the wedding.  Most of the other pictures were too blurry to post.  I think Kirven took this one--- nice action shot.

My best pic of the bride and groom; Hillary and my new awesome brother, Alex.

Bettye and I practicing our facebook faces.  Notice my fake eyelashes!  This was pretty late in the party.
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