Why the Tree of Life?



Meet Stripes. Stripes is a rainbow sock monkey Uncle Taylor gave Ayla on her 3rd birthday last April. Stripes went with us everywhere for about a month until she --disappeared-- just like that. Where did we leave her? We didn't have the foggiest, and while Ayla asked for her for several days, she hadn't had Stripes long enough for it to be the end of the world as we knew it. But where the heck was it? It was just gone.

And then last week, when Evan took Kirven for his allergy shot, he had to talk to the receptionist about an insurance matter. Normally, we never even make it as far as the reception window because the shot nurse is right inside the front door. Lo and behold, there was a rainbow sock monkey sitting in the reception office with a little bow on her head. Evan decided just to ask where they had bought it, saying he was looking for a replacement for his daughter. The receptionist gave him a wry, little grin and said, "It was just left here," and then she asked, "How long ago did she lose it?" "Oh, a long time ago. Months." His answer fit her memory, and she gave Stripes a hug before reluctantly, but very kindly handing her over. Stripes had been well taken care off and even dressed up for the holidays, she said.

Ayla's very happy to have Stripes back, and we know it is definitely our Stripes because she has the discerning mark of an earlier Grammy patch-job on her arm. Thanks, Allergy & Asthma Center of Austin for taking great care off her while she was away from us!

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